3 Skills to Include in Each Demon Hunter Build

No matter what skills you want to put into your Diablo 3 Demon Hunter build, there are three skills that you should always include. In this article, we are going to discuss what these skills are and why you should always keep them in your build. Must-Have Demon Hunter Skill #1 – Hungering Arrow Hungering … [Read more…]

Gearing Your Demon Hunter For Inferno Mode

If you are ready to take on the challenges of Inferno mode, you will first need to gear your character appropriately. In this article, we tell you what to look for in order to gear out your character for the most difficult mode in the game: Inferno. For weapon, the stats on the weapon are … [Read more…]

Best Stats for Demon Hunter in Diablo 3

In this guide to Demon Hunter stats, you are going to discover exactly what you need as a Demon Hunter in order to survive and deal damage effectively in Diablo 3. The most important stat you get as a Demon Hunter is Dexterity. This stat will increase your damage by 1% for each stat point … [Read more…]

Dual Wield Versus Bow and Quiver for Demon Hunter

A lot of players have wondered what exactly is better for the Demon Hunter: using a 2-handed bow or crossbow and a quiver or dual wielding hand crossbows? In this quick guide, we are going to cover exactly that. When dual-wielding as a Demon Hunter, you get a 15% increased attack speed bonus. That is … [Read more…]

Best Follower for the Demon Hunter

If you are playing solo in Diablo 3 you can get access to a follower. You may be wondering exactly what the best follower is for you in Diablo 3. Fortunately, there is one follower which is much better than the others for the Demon Hunter which makes this choice very easy and that is … [Read more…]

Best Rune for Impale

The Demon Hunter has one rune for Impale which is much better than the rest. The rune I am referring to is Impact. This gives you a 65% chance to stun an enemy for 2 seconds. A lot of players try to choose damage over stun effects but this is a huge mistake. It does … [Read more…]